Oh, hi!

My life as of late, in pictures! [you might have seen some of them on facebook/instagram.]

I've been admiring my ring a lot.
Frisbee Anyone!?
Just a little afternoon tanning. No biggie.
Sometimes I like to take photos of my cute husband.
Roasting starburst... Yep.
Last Thursday there were rainbows everywhere!
Home made salsa!
New grown up job! [More on this to come]
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmini eggs :)
A home made salad from heaven!
Got my hair cut and curled.
Sometimes I play Draw Something... This is one of John's drawings.
I admire blossoms pretty often.
And sometimes I admire my earrings.


Caryn said...

I love the instagrams and thanks for the update on your fab life! How is work? What project are you working on now? Take care...

Katherine said...


Cailey said...

I love your photos and I just got a new cool phone so after reading this post, I had to check out instagram cuz it just looks soo cool so thanks :) maybe I'll get some fun photos!