Web Designing

I recently finished another web design project. The process went really smoothly, and I really nailed the design. The client chose my first mockup, and didn't ask for any changes! In our last phone call he said, "It looks like dynamite!"

I'm pretty sure that's a good thing...

Here is the mockup:

A huge improvement from their old website, don't you think? [They changed their name recently from Budget Inn & Suites to St. George Inn & Suites.]

If you want to see it in a browser, click here. The slideshow won't work yet, because that is something that the programmers set up later on. Also, none of the links will go to anything, because I'm only in charge of designing the look at feel of the website, so I just have to design the homepage.

Notice the picture for Free High Speed Wi-Fi. That's John. He's going to be famous! haha.

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