Disclaimer: I wrote this post a long time ago, but never shared it because I was so grossed out about the issue. Now that the issue has been cleared up for a couple months, I think it's safe to post... Enjoy!


So it's been a while.

Things got crazy with finals, graduation, moving, house issues, and job interviews. Lots has happened since I last wrote, and I'm not going to write a 50 paragraph long post to tell you all about everything. I just want to share the most dramatic part.

Our new house [we're renting] is really nice. It's amazing to not have to hear the neighbors singing opera upstairs, or to have to worry that our audio is going to wake up someone's baby. It's nice to have a two car garage all to ourselves! It's a little bit older than what we are use to [was built in the early 90's], and it has a few issues. But the pro's outweigh the cons so far.

I'll just come right out and say it: we have mice.

Ahhhhhhhh! Ewwwwwwwwwwww! Go ahead and say it. Disgusting! I know right? When we got here, I started cleaning out the cupboards and drawers to prepare to unpack the kitchen, and my mother-in-law who was helping was the one to recognize the terds. I've never really had to deal with mice, so the realization that they were in my new kitchen just about sent me to hysterics.

We disinfected everything, and scrubbed until we couldn't scrub anymore. 409 is my best friend as of late. And then we bought some traps. We set the traps with peanut butter.

The next morning, the traps hadn't gone off. Nothing happened for two days. And then I said, "Maybe it's just a really smart mouse, and it's licking off the peanut butter without getting caught..." I said it mostly as a joke, because mice have tiny brains right? They aren't smart enough for that! But, apparently, we had a smart mouse, because the traps were licked clean.

So off to the store went John, and he bought the "professional" kind, that are super sticky. And that's how we caught our first mouse.

We reset the traps and haven't caught anything since. But we are still quite paranoid. I'm So paranoid that I'm actually seriously considering getting a cat. I've never been a fan of cats, but if I have to choose between mice and cats, it's obvious I'll choose the latter.


P.s. We did not get a cat. We ended up catching three mice, and then we went down into the creepy basement and blocked off all of the holes to the kitchen. And we may or may not have put poison down there too. I think they are all dead now! Woohooooo!


Merry said...

I soooooooo hate mice too! It kind of gives me the creeps to imagine mice in my kitchen.

Cailey said...

My mom has a HUGE fear of mice. I havent encountered any other than in cages, so far they dont bother me too much. I probably will have a different opinion about them once I have them in our home, but thats not a fun experience. Hopefully you did get them all though :D Sounds like you guys got the problem! Yay! Oh we have a cat... she's cute and sorta fun, but more hassel, so if your not fond of cats, dont get one. sounds like the traps are working

Steff said...

We had mice for a while and I hated it! We couldn't have regular traps because of the dog and I hated the sticky things. I felt so awful coming home and seeing a baby mouse slowly breathing and dying! (So maybe mice don't bother me that much haha) We got the poison and that seemed to work, along with the dog catching two! She's pretty quick. It was awful to see her drop a dead mouse at my feet though!!! But luckily, like you, the mice are gone!

Sara T. said...

Steff, I know what you mean about feeling bad. The one we caught on the sticky thing was so small and I felt sort of sad for it, but I also didn't want it pooping in my silverware drawer again, so I got over it... I made John take care of the other ones that we caught, because I didn't want to see them.