Homemade Pasta + Veggies + Family = :)

I mentioned in my last post that my sisters came down to visit this past weekend. The deal was this: I help Vanessa design an amazing resumé, and she'll teach me to create a culinary master piece. See she is attending culinary school, and she's a pretty awesome cook.

So after our hike on Saturday, we came home and began the long and arduous process of making homemade fettucini. We received a pasta maker as a wedding present, but had never attempted to use it. With Vanessa's help, we brought it out to play.

It started out like this:

Eggs are surprisingly sticky!

After a short drying period, we moved on to the next step. We used the pasta maker to flatten and cut the pasta:

Above is a photo of our state of the art pasta drying facility.

We also made four cheese tortellini with mushrooms:

We cooked the pasta and created delicious garlic bread [made out of the kind of bread Aladdin eats] with tomatoes and basil:

We also sautéed fresh zuccini, squash, green peppers, mushrooms, onions, and garlic. And we made alfredo sauce to go on the pasta.

The Final product:

Can you say AMAZING!?

I wasn't sure if homemade pasta was going to be worth all the work, but oh ma gosh it totally was! The texture was perfect. The taste was delectable, and it was fresh as fresh can be. Next time we are going to try and make it whole grain!


Merry said...

Dave and I are drooling over these pictures! Yum!

Cailey said...

Man, this makes me want to use my pasta maker, I've never used it before. Vanessa should come and teach me :D