Meet the Thompsons

So this family is adorable.

We went up the canyon yesterday evening in search of changing leaves, and we got some really great photos:


kelsie rae. said...

so when i first read "up the canyon" i thought, were in the world from rexburg did you go up the canyon!?!?! then i looked at the photos and saw that it was provo canyon :) (right?) hahaha anyways, they all look great! good job girlie!

Sara T. said...

Yes it was Provo Canyon. I always miss those mountains while I'm here at school, so it was fun to go up for the shoot. And thanks :)

Sarah Faria said...

If Michael and I are ever in the same area as you I would pay you to take family pictures for us. I have always felt cheated out of getting engagement pictures! I love your style!!