Portfolio Redesign

I've been learning all sorts of new things at work lately. And I decided that I want to use some of those cool things in my web portfolio. I like my current portfolio, but I don't feel like it really showcases my web design skills. So I came up with a new design.

I'm interested to hear what you guys think of it. Here is a screen shot of the home page design I have done so far:

Click here to see the site in action! 

[I have only designed the home page, so the links will either take you to the old design, or they will be broken and they won't take you anywhere.]


Merry said...

I definitely think the new look is more professional. But I am so clueless about web design elements that I don't really know what it showcases differently from the old design. But it looks great!

Heather said...

I love the colors and the pattern on the bottom. Very classy. :) Anyway, I'm using Google Chrome... so here are a few technical things I noticed:

1. On my screen the contact button wraps around under the home button. 2. The "Hi, I'm sara." line is right on top of the drop shadow (shifted down).
3. "Go ahead, check out my work!" disappears when you hover over it.

And a few design suggestions?:
1. The shutter logo might be a little too big and the opening is not centered (Don't know if that matters to you tho).
2. The icons for web, print and photo seem really chunky/bulky, maybe because of how large they are?
3. Not sure about using two different fonts for your navigation. (Home, about, contact, etc.)

BUT those are just small things and OVERALL it looks so good! Way better than I could do. And obviously you have more real-life experience than I do, so feel free to dismiss my comments. Haha.

You're amazing. Keep up the good work.

Heather said...

Um... also, I just looked at this picture on your blog and it looks like your fonts are consistent, so maybe that's a technical issue and not a design issue.