Oh How I Love the French!

France has always fascinated me. I've always been a fan of the country. To tell the truth, I don't know much about the place. Except that it has the Eiffel Tower... Oh, and one of my favorite foreign films is from there [Amelie].

The biggest reason I love France is because of their love for cooking things that are delicious. The dish featured above is my favorite dessert of all time. And guess where it was invented......? Yep, France.

Creme Brulee is so good it deserves to be capitalized. It's creamy with the perfect amount of crunch. It's like heaven in my mouth and belly. I'm not even kidding.

So John and I had our two year anniversary on the 7th, and my mother gave us a gift. It was a kit for making my favorite of all desserts! So naturally we had to try it out. It was sooooooo delicious. And of course Jaunito loved the part where he got to use the torch to caramelize the sugar :)

You know it's good when John licks his ramekin [I would have too, but I was really full]:


Link to recipe here.


Merry said...

Dave and I love Creme Brulee too! We got a set for our wedding and we make it about every other month.

Cailey said...

Oh I am sooo jealous!!! Those are amazing if made right! that is awesome!

Sarah Faria said...

I've never had creme brulee! I might need to go get that kit just so I can try it!! It sounds amazing!!

Sara T. said...

Sarah, you soo should! She got it at Bed Bath and Beyond. I don't think it was very expensive. :)