A Child Genius?

Today, a woman who works at the company next door said the following to me, "You must be a child genius or something, because you don't look a day older than 15..."

Why thank you kind mam... I wasn't aware that my size is abnormal [sarcasm]. You'd think that by now, after years and years of comments like these [by others and myself], I'd get used to them. But sometimes it still stings just the tiniest bit.

Being 4'11 isn't like the end of the world or anything, but I'm starting to think it might be easier to just tell people that I am a child genius. It might be easier to explain than the truth... right? I never hit a growth spurt. Get over it.

We took a group photo at work the other day, and of course the short people are always in front. But I stood on the curb, because then at least my head would be in line with everyone else. As a joke, I edited myself to be normal sized. After I finished editing, I laughed and laughed, but also secretly wondered what life would be like if I were just a few inches taller! Ha!

Just for fun, here is the photo that I edited. I don't have the original with me at home, but you can just imagine how short I really am... Just in case you forgot.

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Sarah Faria said...

You are beautiful, incredibly talented at so many things, married to a great guy who loves you, have tons of friends and family that really don't care about your height because your just that awesome, and that woman is ignorant and should try thinking before speaking.