Oh, here is an update!

You know what drives me crazy? Having to depend on other people to do my job. Other people sometimes aren’t very dependable. You can only ask someone to hurry up and do something so many times... I just hate that sometimes my work isn't as effective because I'm waiting for other people to do things that I can't do. Frustrating right?

In other news, I just finished page 24 of a semester long paper, more to come.

Also, I'm an officer in the Photographics Society, and I gave a presentation yesterday on taking children’s portraits. I gave 8 tips to get good pictures of kids. I also provided some adorable pictures I have taken of children as proof that my tips work. I got lots of "Oooh's," and "So CUTE's". I also showed a sweet editing trick and was told it was like I was working magic–so I think it went quite well [download presentation pdf with the tips here].

It’s been sooooo Cooooold lately! I’ve been wishing I was here:
All warm and tan and freckled! I’d like to be there with this handsome guy:

We’d be eating fresh mango with chili powder, sun bathing, reading, and taking occasional dips in the warm ocean!

[these photos are from our delicious anniversary trip to Can Cun, Mexico.]

Can't wait for Thanksgiving break!

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