We Are Bikers!

During this past semester, John and I had to find ways to relax and have fun together in short amounts of time. We were both really busy, and so it was important for us to find time for each other. One thing we found a love for is bike rides.

Before the semester began, John and I decided that we weren't going to buy a parking permit. We chose to move to a new place closer to campus, and save gas by riding bikes every day–rain or shine. It was definitely a great decision! Good for the environment too :) Oh and for our legs. And bottoms. And we didn't have to stress out about parking and getting to class on time.

It also reminded me how much I miss riding a bike. When I was younger, my friends and I would get on our bikes and go. It didn't matter where, but it was so fun to explore our growing city. We weren't old enough to drive, and bikes were the next best thing.

So when Jaunito and I needed some together time, we ditched our homework and hit the roads. We explored new parts of Rexburg that we didn't even know existed. We found beautiful sights, and got in some good exercise too.

Here are some photos from one of our exciting rides in Rexburg [click to enlarge]:

 Want to know a secret? That toe nail polish was purchased in Jamaica, and it changes colors in the sun! No joke. It's just clear sparkles indoors. Sweeeeeet!


Baylen & Mariana said...

Baylen & I love, love, love bike rides! They are so much fun. We found a great park by our house to go to & we do it at the beach too. I'm jealous you guys do it so often!

Cailey said...

I wish we had bikes! They are kinda pricey! That is soo much fun! awesome nail polish!!!! I'm jealous I want some like that! thats pretty cool! Sara you have amazing pictures. seriously. You should be sure to print them out though and put them in albums or make a book (flyfish or something you can do them pretty cheaply), so when people come over to see you or when you have kids (someday) they can look at your amazing talent!