About every month or so, I have the sudden inkling to get on blogspot and check my stats. And Usually, about every month or so, I am quite disappointed in my readers. This month however, I'm am delighted. ish... I have two followers, and my page-views yesterday were, get this: 2! Ahh, so I've broken even! However, page views last month equal 11, and total page views EVER add up to a grand total of 107 (half of which may actually be me.........)! However, I haven't really promoted my blog, because I never felt I'd written anything that anyone would care to read (other than my faithful followers Jessica and Anna-- <3 you guys!).

I've spent all morning reading other people's quite successful & interesting blogs. Well...Not all morning. I woke up at 7:00 in the a.m. to make my sweetster (aka John) breakfast. Be proud. I made delicious hash browns (left over from last night's baked potatoes), eggs and toast. Then I did the dishes, hung up some clothes, made the bed, and opened the blinds to let the warm in! After that, I got on the computer to do some homework and got quite distracted with facebook/blogging (my favorite way to avoid doing homework). And I realized--Hello, my life is so boring!

I have always wanted to make a difference in the world, whether it's small or big, I want to do something that counts. As my bff Erica, her mother, futbal (her dog), and I went for a walk in the park a few days ago we found a bench that was dedicated to a woman who use to keep the park looking nice. I want a bench! I want people to remember me for something good when I'm gone. Is that so much to ask? Maybe. I guess that depends on if I do something worth remembering. This blog, in my opinion and as shown by the stats, is not worth remembering.

From this point on I will try to make it more, more memorable, more exciting, more worthwhile. To do that I must also make my life more memorable, exciting, and worthwhile. Overall, more of an adventure! I don't mind. I plan to blog at least once a week, and provide proof of my adventurousness. This proof will be photographs:

Do you mind?

Adventure last night: I burned my arm on the cookie sheet that was used to cook the crescent roles! I was distracted by my lame online class meeting and bam, just like that my arm was burned. "Ouch that hurt!" I complained as I ran it under cold water. My loving husband replied quite sacrcastically, "Oh sorry, I should have warned you that things are hot when they come out of the oven..." Terd. But I still love him. Which is why I'm going to make him a tuna melt for lunch.

Chau my awesome/nonexistent readers! 


Steff said...

I never knew you had a blog! I'm glad you posted a link on facebook =] It's so cute, I love it. <3

I wish I could be so darn productive at 7am. I'm like a walking zombie and just want to go back to bed!

Sarah Faria said...

I just started a blog today!! And then my mom saw your blog on facebook. I think it's cute!!

Barry & Sam said...

I am so addicted to blogs! You will definitely have another devoted fan! ;)

Mom said...

I love you, Sara! And your life is an adventure! Tell us all about Colorado Springs! I've never been there, and I want to hear all about it!